Privacy Policy

We strive to ensure the protection of all your data, which is why petcatyang has one of the world's leading virtual security certificates: the SSL security certificate. This certificate guarantees the protection of all your personal data such as: delivery address, credit card data and order history, giving you the certainty that they will never be disclosed. We also opted for this technology to avoid any possibility that the transit of information could be accessed by unauthorized persons.


We have great respect for our customers, that's why we inform you that petcatyang will not make your data available to third parties, whether through sale, rent or transfer. However, this information may be aggregated and used internally by our team as generic statistics. Our objective with this activity is a more accurate understanding of the profile of our customers, in order to improve the presentation of the products and services offered on the petcatyang website.


As stated earlier, we have great respect for our customers and for that reason we reserve the right to choose any information received or sent. For this reason, the option of receiving or not receiving emails with promotions or advertising is the sole responsibility of the customer. petcatyang  will never send you something you didn't choose to receive. From the moment of registration, this option is yours, and if you want to change your mind, just contact us to start receiving or unsubscribing from this type of communication.


All information contained on the website is the property of petcatyang , therefore, changes, copies, extractions or updates of any nature cannot be carried out without the prior, express and written authorization of those responsible for petcatyang . In this way, when accessing the petcatyang website, we warn our customers that any misuse of the information presented here may result in civil and criminal sanctions.
Our store respects the confidentiality of your information and guarantees that your data will not be made available, transferred or sold to third parties.

All information provided on our website is for exclusive use for the purchase procedure, customization, facilitation and is not made available to third parties. The data provided is registered in our database in an automated way and stored in complete security without human intervention.

The emails and telephone numbers provided are used only for contacts regarding purchases made on our website. With the prior authorization of the customers, we send emails informing the current promotions in our store, however our customers can request not to receive the offers.

There is no storage of information that is not necessary for the execution of the purchase. The use of the CPF is mandatory by law for issuing invoices and for shipping goods.

The passwords provided in our database are archived in an encrypted form, allowing only the owner of the record to have knowledge.

The credit card numbers provided are registered directly in the card operators' database, not allowing the establishment to have access to this information. When informing the data to the administrator, he performs the verification of the transaction online and returns only if the purchase is released or not. All information transmitted over the internet is encrypted.

This is a 100% secure store and uses Cookies technology only to facilitate your purchase. The purpose of the Cookie is to customize your navigation on the site as much as possible, allowing for greater ease and agility in the purchase process.